Our client is a not for profit organisation, managing and maintaining a property stock of circa 9000 properties in South West London.

As part of the clients Omnichannel Strategy vision, key enablers such a single view of customer data have been vital to drive the value from systems investments, and making it easier for customers to do business with the organisation. Property and financial data are currently held in multiple systems, and face similar issues the organisation had with customer data with no single view of a property, and with processes and data for property and finance management being conducted manually with data held on hard drives. The opportunity existed to help the organisation by having an enterprise process map and improve core processes and data around property and finance.


“Gate One have helped us visually understand all of our work and business processes in a way that we have never seen it presented before. Their approach has shown us all of the work we do, where our different data sits, which teams are using which systems and therefore the potential issues in our current processes.

The teams ability to gather, understand and present information has been really impressive, with huge progress made in a very short period of time.

The highly engaging approach and socialisation efforts across all teams and levels of the organisation has meant that people have seen where they fit in to the ‘bigger picture’ and understand the  impact they have. They have bought teams along in the process which has resulted in deep support and excitement about the identified opportunities.”



We provided the client with a visual overview of all core processes, and enabled the organisation to identify key gaps in processes and data around property management processes by:

  • Mapping out the core mission critical processes by team – giving employees the sense of how they fit into the ‘bigger picture’
  • Mapping out the system landscape and data interfaces between them
  • Highlighting key risks around property processes & data
  • Developing a short term and long term action plan to resolve key issues around core process and data – particularly around moving to single points of data entry, leveraging existing systems investments
  • Implementing some Quick Wins to build momentum and demonstrate potential value.

Key benefits included designing a holistic visual map of all business processes, systems, data types, teams and level of risk in the current processes to build organisation wide understanding of the ‘bigger picture’. Quick Wins were delivered across a number of processes, and long term strategic opportunities identified and mobilised into work streams. Operating model recommendations were made for all work streams.