Our client, a leading tour operator, was undertaking a major technology programme to transition from being a transaction-focused organisation to be a truly customer oriented one.

Four source markets had fragmented systems and processes for their customer relationship management (CRM), multiple sets of duplicate and disconnected data, and varying appetite for change. The resulting challenges were to reach an agreement on a common set of customer data and processes across multiple international markets, integrate the disparate set of legacy systems and prioritise the development of product features.


Gate One provided a senior level team to work with the client and their IT leadership to move this from a technology-led programme to a business transformation programme. Our client needed a standard way of working for customer sales and service, which was enabled by a single integrated IT system that could be implemented globally.

Working alongside the leadership team, we were able to tightly define the scope, develop a comprehensive set of business requirements, and a target operating blueprint. Through our introduction of comprehensive programme governance, the leadership team was able to improve source market engagement, their understanding of business process design and the impact on source market systems.


Our client achieved a successful global rollout that:

  • integrated all source market booking systems alongside a data migration strategy,
  • included the appropriate controls and governance mechanisms,
  • benefitted 12,000 people globally, and
  • transitioned the changes to ‘business-as-usual’ activity.

"Deeply involved and committed, Gate One handles teams across the map, deliverables and everyday situations with ease while making our work lives more enjoyable.”

Quality Assurance Manager

Tim Phillips
Tim PhillipsTim Phillips| Managing Partnerlinkedin icon

Tim is a senior business leader and consultant with over 25 years’ experience crafting and delivering major strategic programmes across many large UK and global businesses. His focus and passion are to enable organisations to make better decisions. As the digital and physical worlds blur, now is a particularly exciting time to be helping ambitious businesses shape their actions for the future.

Tim gets great satisfaction from the singular moment when plans turn into irreversible action, and believes it all ultimately comes down to people. He is no stranger to this having survived the BBC reality TV show ‘SAS: Are you tough enough’!

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