Not a Powerpoint slide in sight

Last week the staff and associates at Gate One gathered in the Loire Valley to celebrate our collective successes and plan the business and our own futures. Not to mention get to know each other better.

As is tradition, the priorities for this year’s Annual Gate-away were three-fold.  The first was getting to hang out together. Because we appreciate that when you’re growing as fast as we are it’s vital to stay connected, learn from each other and create memorable shared experiences. Secondly we were going to take the opportunity to recognise many of the individual and collective successes of the last 12 months. And finally, everyone was going to get the chance to play their parts in planning the next chapter of the organisation’s future.

Since the venue for the Gate-away was a Glampsite in the middle of the Loire Valley, computers and TV screens were not on the equipment list. Once this year’s organisers had got over the initial shock of not having any Powerpoint slides to prepare, the breath-taking setting cleared everyone’s heads to support some great group discussions, break-outs and Q&As, as well as provide the space for some individual reflection. The outcomes of two days in the sunshine included an exciting and ambitious plan for the next five years of Gate One, and a lot of laughs!

Change that counts, the cornerstone of why Gate One exists, was the focal point of this year’s Gate-away. We explored what it means for us as individuals and a team, our clients, our industry and beyond. And we used it to set our priorities for the next five years. As Tim Phillips, our managing partner, reminded us: “We don’t just value the deliverable, we care about the longer term impact of what we’re doing”.

The weekend’s activities included cycling, kayaking, wine-tasting, zip-lining and sampling the local French cuisine and night-life (the less said about the latter the better!).

We have all returned from the Gate-away with greater group camaraderie (if it were possible) and a real sense of pride in what we have achieved so far. Having set out the shape of the business as it enters its next phase, our commitment to its future is greater than ever – even with us having no Powerpoint slides to show for it!