3. Be More Swan: Practical steps for a sustainable solution

In this edition of our Regulatory Change mini-series we introduce a defining framework of nine practical steps to Manage, Deliver and Control Regulatory Change effectively. An approach to help organisations ‘Be More Swan.’

The very nature of regulatory change means that delivering in a straightforward manner is never going to be possible. However, this does not mean that the issues we have seen, and their end results, cannot be mitigated.

Our vantage point supporting major clients grapple with their regulatory change implementation challenges has given us the opportunity to observe numerous different approaches. There is no panacea or ‘silver bullet’ solution. However, we have seen a series of innovations and refinements to the traditional ways financial institutions have delivered change. Some of these have proved effective in helping the organisations that have developed them to deliver more sustainable solutions in a more controlled and cost effective way, to the benefit of all involved.

We have distilled our experience of what has, and what has not, worked well and the themes emerging from recent regulation, to define nine practical steps to complement existing implementation and IT delivery approaches.

In the next edition we explore the first of three editions on the Gate One Regulatory Change framework in “Practical steps for a sustainable solution: Manage”.