Now is the time to take action


With just ten years to go to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the time is now for businesses to take action and show they are a key part of the solution and not just the problem. We can help businesses to overcome the challenges and explore the opportunities being a sustainable business unlocks.

Defining your strategy

With 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals and countless other areas of importance, it is hard to know where to focus and prioritise to make the biggest impact.

Creating a circular economy model

Reinvent current operations and place innovation at the heart of the organisation to become circular and fully sustainable, enabling you to react to changes in the market landscape.

Enabling behaviour and culture change

The real change will only come if businesses are able to influence not only their vendors and partners in their supply chain but their customers and consumers too.


As an award-winning transformation consultancy, we understand what it takes to truly be innovative and agile, to drive real transformation and keep up with the pace of change. Our core areas of expertise will support you to become a fully sustainable business, demonstrate progress, satisfy every increasing stakeholder expectations and contribute to combating the climate emergency.

Digital Transformation

Implement new technologies to minimise consumption, use your data to drive greater sustainable choices and deliver greater ‘green’ innovation.


Making Strategy Happen

Envision and implement your sustainability strategy, being bold, reporting progress and meeting internal and external stakeholder expectations.


Target Operating Model

Review your operating model to implement changes to supply chains, products and processes to deliver its sustainability strategy in a circular manner.


People Change

Drive a culture of sustainability, delivering the capability and behaviour changes needed to implement a sustainable business.




Retailers are facing an increasing demand from consumers, shareholders, industry bodies and even employees to demonstrate transparent, sustainable practices. Businesses need to adapt to meet these growing demands while balancing cost pressures and staying true to their core brand. Sustainability is no longer a differentiator; it is necessary to thrive.

Our retail sustainability maturity model can help you understand how you are performing today, where you should target your efforts and how best to structure your business to drive the biggest impact for you and your customers. Take our 5-minute self-assessment to learn more.




Our team of experts regularly shares their insights about the things that matter relating to sustainbility. You can read some of them here.

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Jen NixonJen Nixon| Principallinkedin icon

Jen leads our sustainability team working across multiple sectors. She has over eight years of consulting experience, specialising in large scale transformation, operating model and people change. She has worked with clients to produce, plan and implement sustainability strategies and has lead thought leadership in this area, including speaking on BBC Breakfast about driving greater sustainability in retail.

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Jen Nixon
Louise Rey
Louise ReyLouise Rey| Managerlinkedin icon

Louise is a management consultant passionate about helping companies discover how they can work in a more sustainable way through a circular economy mindset. She has previously created a model to drive a company’s purposeful agenda by incorporating CSR and a new set of sustainable KPIs at the heart of the company’s strategy, incorporating a purpose alongside company objectives.
Louise Rey
Ben Tye
Ben TyeBen Tye| Partnerlinkedin icon

Ben leads our retail, consumer business and manufacturing sectors. With 25 years’ experience, he has considerable experience in environmental and sustainability engagements with clients looking to reduce waste, minimise environmental and biodiversity impact and delivering the cultural change necessary to change hearts and minds.

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Ben Tye
Simon Dennis
Simon DennisSimon Dennis| Partnerlinkedin icon

A founding partner of Gate One, Simon has spent over 15 years leading and delivering change programmes at many of the UK’s leading businesses and government bodies. He has worked extensively in healthcare and pharmaceuticals and delivered strong year-on-year business development growth while managing engagement teams on high-profile transformation programmes for his clients.

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