Re-imagining and re-engineering retail


The retail sector is facing unprecedented challenges, with rapid changes in customer buying behaviour and ever-increasing cost complexities. Despite a fiercely competitive market, great opportunity exists for those who dare to innovate and adapt to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Fast-changing customer behaviour

The rapid growth of digital has given customers greater choice and opportunity. Their ability to shop online, at any time, across multiple retailers has put ever-increasing pressure on brands. Seamlessly integrating their in-store experience and online presence, while maintaining channel consistency and improving sustainability, is a tall order for retailers but one which they must achieve.

Complexity in the cost base

Increasing complexities in the cost base coupled with high rent and labour costs are further reducing margins. Retailers are evaluating their ratio of high street stores to online stores, how to automate processes while enhancing current workforce capabilities, and smarter ways to manage inventory to meet changing customer demands.

Fierce competition

Substantial investment in technology and innovation has allowed new, low-cost entrants to leapfrog their more established competitors. This intense competition has left retailers wondering where to invest to get ahead – whether in products, online, new stores, acquisitions or elsewhere.


Retailers are facing an increasing demand from consumers, shareholders, industry bodies and even employees to demonstrate transparent, sustainable practices. Businesses need to adapt to meet these growing demands while balancing cost pressures and staying true to their core brand. Sustainability is no longer a differentiator; it is necessary to thrive.

Our retail sustainability model can help you understand how you are performing today, where you should target your efforts and how best to structure your business to drive the biggest impact for you and your customers. Take our 5-minute self-assessment to learn more.



Our core services for retailers offer you the unique opportunity to ensure your business model focuses on the customers that will deliver the most value and provide you with the best opportunities for growth. We support you by ensuring that your business is the right size and shape, with capabilities that look beyond in-store and online activity, to give your customers what they need within the right cost profile.

Digital Transformation

Determine what should or should not be included as part of your online presence to meet the needs of your omnichannel customers and how that flows into your operating model and underlying technology features.


Making Strategy Happen

Translate your strategy or evolve your business models to enable you to stay relevant to your customers and deliver sustainable growth. Resulting in a meaningful portfolio of change to deliver it quickly, cost-effectively and with the least disruption to your customers.


Target Operating Model

Harness the full potential of your people, process, technology and environment to truly differentiate yourselves. The operating model we develop with you will ensure you have the right organisational set-up to deliver your strategy and create real value to your staff, customers and partners.


People Change

Make the right interventions to help your people, suppliers, partners and customers successfully navigate in this rapidly changing and turbulent environment. Develop and drive culturally aligned and innovative change programmes.



We are privileged to be working with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative retailers on their complex change programmes. View our case studies.

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Optimising teams for success following the acquisition of another major retailer

Creating a culture of agility and innovation in a traditional technology function

A major sports and gaming organisation was facing key challenges to their technology function and needed a new operating model


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Ben Tye
Ben TyeBen Tye| Partnerlinkedin icon

Ben leads our retail, consumer business and manufacturing sectors. He specialises in scaling innovation into transformation and has led both lean, agile innovation teams and large-scale programmes. He particularly focuses on the people and cultural change required to create lasting value. He has over 20 years’ consulting experience.

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Ben Tye
Tiffany Luk
Tiffany LukTiffany Luk| Principallinkedin icon

Tiffany is a retail specialist who is passionate about working with businesses to innovate and transform so they remain relevant to their customers. She is experienced in designing and driving complex business transformations and has worked with a range of major retailers on topics such as internationalisation, growth strategies, digital transformations and customer experience.

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Tiffany Luk
Jen NixonJen Nixon| Principallinkedin icon

Jen specialises in large-scale change and transformation projects. She has over eight years of consulting experience, having delivered complex programmes focusing on the retail and consumer sectors, including post-merger integration, people change, target operating model and Brexit. She is passionate about sustainability and how retailers can drive performance whilst helping build a more sustainable future.

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Jen Nixon
Laura Dean
Laura DeanLaura Dean| Managerlinkedin icon

Laura focuses on complex business transformations, with a track record of successful leadership and delivery in areas including operational and strategic change, post-merger integration, operating model implementation and margin improvement. She is comfortable with high pressured environments, bringing a calm and structured approach to complex challenges. Laura has also previously worked directly for the dotcom team of a major UK retailer.

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Laura Dean

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