Sometimes, the best ideas come to you in the strangest of places. So it was that one of the Gate One team was struck by inspiration on the Northern line, not quite a stranger to innovation but certainly not the first place you would think to look for it.

The idea conceived on the underground was to combine fundraising for SE1United, our charity partner, with a market testing event for Oshun, the start-up Acai berry bowl company launched through Gate One’s incubator programme in the summer of 2015. So early September, the members of WeWork’s Southbank office were treated to an exotic brunch that brought a taste of Brazil to enjoy along with the warm September weather.

The purpose of the event was two-fold – to gather market research about the Oshun product and raise the profile, and some funds, for SE1United. Boxes of Acai berries, frozen right after picking to catch their freshness, were delivered to WeWork along with bowls of strawberries, bananas, chia seeds, pomegranates and all manner of delicious and healthy toppings to serve with the berry bowls.

Once the ingredients were prepared, the WeWork members had the choice of three Acai berry bowls – Brazilian original, Native, zesty Tang, and indulgent Maya. Keeping a steady supply of fresh bowls ready for the members to add their toppings proved tricky, as demand was high (with the odd person coming back for their second or even third helping!) but in the end everyone left more than satisfied.

The SE1United team were on point at the toppings station to capture five key market data points from each WeWork member and we’d like to thank all the members who gave such constructive feedback on the product and for sharing their thoughts on strategies to take the product forward. The insights from the day have already proved invaluable in shaping the future Oshun café.

To learn more about Se1United view their website

To learn more about Oshun view the website;