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We are currently hiring Consultants and Senior Consultants to join our fast-growing team

“We want to make sure that Gate One is the right firm for you, somewhere where you can be yourself and excel. We have designed our recruitment process so that it gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent in different ways.”  

Mel Dickinson, recruitment manager

“We want to make sure that Gate One is the right firm for you, somewhere where you can be yourself and excel. We have designed our recruitment process so that it gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent in different ways.”   Mel Dickinson, recruitment manager


Our vision is to create a firm where you can do your best work and collectively deliver ‘change that counts’ for our clients. We will offer you stretching, rewarding and career-enhancing experiences within a team that is collaborative, talented and fun.

Our remuneration structure was designed for our team, by our team, to be simple and transparent. This means that people at the same grade receive equal remuneration and comparable progression opportunities. We offer a bi-annual bonus and promotion opportunities in January and July. Click the plus buttons below to learn more about our permanent opportunities.


Develop your consulting skill set by working on-site within project teams to support the delivery of major business transformation for our clients.


  • Work directly with clients, helping them to design and deliver lasting change.
  • Build your capabilities on the job, supporting experienced consultants as part of a project team.
  • Benefit from formal training as well and on-going mentoring, to enable you to develop your consulting skill set.
  • Get involved in internal projects and play your part in growing our business.


  • c. 2 years analyst level experience on a graduate scheme within a management consulting firm.
  • A desire to learn from others and contribute to a wide variety of consulting engagements.


  • Jess Tray joined us as an analyst and was quickly promoted to a junior consultant.
  • Alexa Carter started Gate One’s first Book Club.
  • 50% of our junior consultants were promoted in their first year.

Continue to gain rich experience across industry sectors and consulting capabilities and valuable exposure to managing client relationships on projects.


  • Use your consulting experience to advise clients and their teams to design and deliver lasting change programmes.
  • Further develop your capabilities both on the job and through support and coaching from our team.
  • Have increased autonomy and responsibility on client engagements.
  • Align yourself to internal initiatives of interest, and have a personal impact on their outcome.


  • c. 3 years within a top tier consultancy firm.
  • A track record of contributing to the delivery of projects, or workstreams within larger programmes.
  • A desire to gain diverse consulting experience across sectors and capabilities.


  • To date, 86% of our promoted consultants progressed within 2 cycles. The average promotion time is within 8 months of joining the firm.
  • Ali Burton joined us as an analyst and was quickly promoted to a junior consultant and now consultant.
  • Some of our consultants lead internal teams. Beth Hutchings is our health and wellbeing lead and Jess Tray is our internal comms lead.

Apply your consultancy skills to complex programmes and take increased responsibility for leading workstreams and projects, as well as developing others within the team.


  • Work on complex programmes with increasing accountability and autonomy, with support and mentoring from our senior team.
  • Lead workstreams or small projects, sometimes with responsibility for overseeing others in the team.
  • Begin to develop your leadership and coaching capabilities.
  • Get involved in building our brand.
  • Contribute to internal initiatives.


  • c. 4-6 years within consulting (mostly from within a top tier management consulting firm).
  • Experience of delivering target operating model, people change and/or digital transformation capabilities across industry sectors.
  • A real interest in developing your leadership capability.


  • 80% of our senior consultants either lead a team or are the solo lead on their engagements.
  • Nila Deda leads our internal junior grade training programme.
  • On joining, over 60% of our senior consultants were promoted within three promotion cycles.

You are the heart of our consultancy projects; designing and delivering transformation, leading project teams and nurturing client relationships.


  • Design, lead and deliver transformation projects.
  • Manage day-to-day client relationships.
  • Lead small teams on client site.
  • Develop your leadership and coaching capabilities.
  • Learn from working with principals, client directors and/or a partner.
  • Develop your ability to contribute to account growth.
  • Drive internal initiatives.


  • c. 6-10 years’ experience working within management consultancy firms (this may include time within industry).
  • Cross-sector experience leading and delivering on transformation programmes.
  • Expertise in at least two of our core capabilities.
  • Some personal contribution to the business development process


  • The average time for a manager to be promoted to principal is 2.5 years.
  • Ben Passmore is our innovation lead and Laura Fenton runs our coaching programme.
  • Our managers lead a team to arrange our quarterly and annual Gateaways.

You are the future leaders of our business. You will lead our major transformation projects, manage and develop key accounts, and play a vital role in growing junior members of the team.


  • Lead and manage our major transformation programmes.
  • Own and develop client relationships.
  • Manage key accounts.
  • Mentor and grow more junior members of the team.
  • Be a member of the extended leadership team.
  • Help develop new business.
  • Own and lead internal initiatives.


  • c.10 years in top-tier management consultancy firms, potentially enhanced by some time spent in industry or a start-up environment.
  • Credible experience in leading complex business transformation programmes which align with our key capabilities (change management, digital transformation or target operating model).
  • An ability to generate revenue from new business opportunities.
  • A desire to contribute to the firm’s business plan and lead internal initiatives.


  • David Forde leads our CX offering.
  • Jen Nixon appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss fast fashion on the high street and retail sustainability.
  • Gemma Sarjeant is the lead of our M&A proposition.

Lead the growth delivery of work in a specific industry sector or consulting capability, you’ll have autonomy to grow their delivery teams, and are senior members of our leadership team.


  • Lead the growth of a consulting capability or industry sector.
  • Manage the portfolio of projects on key accounts.
  • Lead and oversee some client delivery.
  • Build high performing teams to deliver the work that you sell.
  • Offer oversight and direction on internal initiatives and team events.
  • Be a senior member of the leadership team and contribute to the operational management of the firm.


  • c.15-20yrs+ consulting experience, with recent personal responsibility for leading the growth of a practice or capability.
  • Expertise in a sector or capability that you’re known for.
  • A desire to have personal visibility in a growing firm.
  • Developed habits in networking, growing accounts and generating new business.
  • Dedication to mentoring and leading high performing teams.


  • James Cooper won the 2019 MCA Strategy award for his work with UCAS.
  • Our client directors sponsor our quarterly and annual Gateaways.
  • Caro Ruttledge has an Executive Coaching Diploma and sponsors our internal coaching programme.
  • Spiro Comitis leads our newest sector – energy and utilities.


The recruitment process consists of two face-to-face interviews and an opportunity to meet or speak to someone in our team who would be your peer.


This is a conversation with a senior member of our team. It’s an opportunity for us to hear about your aspirations for your next move and to understand your capabilities. We’ll share detail on the range of clients and the nature of the projects we work on. We’ll talk about how you can help build and shape the firm alongside your client work, and give you an insight into what it’s like to work with us plus our commitment to our team members. If there’s enough common ground, we’ll invite you to a second interview.

Your initial meeting

Your second round interview


  • preparing and delivering a case study presentation on the day
  • a personal presentation by you to help us get to know you
  • structured interview questions and a conversation exploring your experience
  • a discussion around an insight or article from the Gate One website.

The different aspects of the second interview have been designed to enable you to showcase your skills and individuality. Creativity is welcomed!


We think it’s important that you have a real understanding of what being a member of the Gate One team is like so we will happily arrange for you to meet with or speak to someone who would be your peer if you were to join.

If, after this process, we mutually feel like Gate One is the right next step for you, you will receive a call from one of our leadership team offering you the job!


Your peer conversation


About client work

How big is the Gate One team?

We’re currently around 100 people, including both staff and associates. We are growing fast and have a fun-loving and welcoming culture. Don’t be surprised if you see one of the partners in a costume or are screaming on a rollercoaster with your colleagues.

How long are your typical engagements?

This varies from a few weeks to a several months depending on the complexity of the assignment and the characteristics of our role.

Where are your clients based?

Most of our work is done within the M25 but we also work with a few organisations across the UK.

Do the Gate One partners consult on projects?

Yes. All of our consulting partners spend time on client engagements every week.

About remuneration

How is your pay structured?

We operate a fixed salary structure, which means that two people at the same grade receive equal pay and comparable progression opportunities, regardless of their gender, age, what they were paid before joining Gate One, and so on. We also offer both company and personal bonuses which are paid every six months following a full performance review. Around two thirds of your bonus is awarded according to how the firm has performed against pre-agreed objectives. The remaining third is awarded according to how you perform against your individual objectives.

Do internal promotions happen often?

We have a bi-annual performance review process when promotions are made. In the last 12 months, 26 people have been promoted across all grades.

Is everyone eligible for a sales bonus?

Absolutely! We actively encourage all staff to be involved in business development. Our sales bonus is calculated using a formula that rewards scale, margin, new clients and individual impact. There is real opportunity to be involved in and rewarded for business development – whether it be cross-selling within an existing client or contributing towards new logo wins.

When are company bonuses paid?

Every six months at the end of January and July.

Do you have a pension scheme?

We do – we offer a pension scheme with Scottish Widows.

About personal development

What professional training do you offer?

Personal development is paramount at Gate One. We run a number of internal training programmes across all grades; courses range from core consulting and business development skills to personal impact modules and are designed to fit your development pathway as you grow within the firm. We also encourage people to seek out and complete external courses and accreditations. And, on top of all of this, we run regular Lunch n Learns on specialist topics of interest to the whole company!

How is coaching relevant at Gate One?

We have a Gate One coaching programme that provides team members with formal coaching training. The coaches then support other members of the team with confidential coaching for an agreed period of time, paired in relationships that are hierarchy agnostic (for example, we currently have a manager coaching a partner). The programme is opt-in, and we generally have about a third of the firm involved at any point in time. Coaches and coachees alike have found the conversations to be hugely impactful.

About the team and events

What is a Gateaway?

As a team of management consultants working at a range of client sites, we hugely value the opportunity to get together. We hold quarterly Gateaways which are an evening followed by a day of training, workshops, discussions, and socialising! These are held just outside of London. The Summer Gateaway is a three day trip to somewhere on the continent. It’s our chance to celebrate the successes of the last 12 months and build our business plan for the future. Recent destinations have included a castle in Austria, the Loire Valley in France and Tuscany. This year, we have moved to virtual and hybrid-virtual Gateaways to keep our team safe.

How often do consultants visit Gate One HQ at HKX?

During COVID-19, we are mainly working from home and visiting HKX (or open client sites) a couple of times a week. Usually, consultants like to come back to Gate One headquarters on Fridays. The friendly operations team are permanently based in our office (marketing, HR, recruitment and finance) along with anyone who is on the bench. We support flexible working.