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July 18, 2017

Why Beautiful Operating Models Fail

Are you being sold the tried and tested method? The consulting market is awash with suppliers offering the classic ‘Assess-Design-Implement-Sustain’ method to Target Operating Model (TOM) development. This well-trodden approach will typically result in a beautiful design on paper within...
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July 18, 2017

Choose the right CSR partner to be effective: Know yourself

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives can create huge value for charities and the private sector. Value is realised by well-matched partners collaborating on causes that deliver real results to third sector beneficiaries. In doing so, benefits to the local community...
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April 7, 2017


Beyond the ‘fluffy stuff’: managing the people dimension of a complex integration Organisational structure and company culture remain some of the most challenging – and most neglected – areas to get right in an integration, merger or separation. This can...
December 19, 2016


Process improvement is as important as customer experience Over the last few years “Digital” has become synonymous with “Customer Centricity.” Too often digital initiatives only focus, some might say obsess, on “the customer experience” and the impact on customer engagement...
mHealth app Insights
November 11, 2016

An App a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away – The age of mobile health has finally arrived

When companies like Apple take a direct interest in how patients get care, including installing an app called ‘Health’ on your phone by default, you can be sure that mobile health, or ‘mHealth’, is no longer about niche experimentation. It’s...
October 28, 2016


The public sector has a duty to ensure spending delivers value to the public. Austerity and the consequent ‘more for less’ agenda have left public sector organisations facing major efficiency and effectiveness challenges. In many cases, these public sector organisations...
September 29, 2016

Measuring Innovation – fuelling the engine through effective evaluation

Defining the right innovation metrics can be difficult and landing on the right ones can feel more like an art than a science. This paper explores the subject of innovation measurement – a practice if managed properly, can add significant...
Innovation Insurance London Insights
August 25, 2016

Innovation in the London Insurance Market

If you’ve been to an insurance conference during the last year, you will have, no doubt, heard someone highlighting the need for ‘uberization’ in the market. Whilst the idea that the ‘big 3’ are going to be replaced with on...
August 4, 2016

How can insurers enter high growth, emerging markets & develop profitable businesses?

Flexible operating models and partnerships in insurers and the FS market With economic growth flat or negative across the developed world, companies large and small are looking to the emerging markets of Asia and South America to fuel the next...
July 28, 2016

A recipe for action: developing strategic flexibility after Brexit

“It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future”, once said Niels Bohr, the quantum physicist. For many UK businesses, this has probably never been truer. The vote for Brexit has taken many by surprise. While the consequences are more...
July 20, 2016

In a world that overuses the word ‘innovation’ how can we cultivate a culture of innovation, whilst delivering exceptional client service?

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how...
May 25, 2016

The Future of Financial Regulatory Compliance?

"The Utility model is the future for financial regulatory compliance." But how are banks faring with this major transformation?   Rise of the Utility Model The burden of regulatory compliance placed upon banks and other financial institutions has reached unprecedented...
March 15, 2016

Time to re-think Talent: Why entrepreneurial consultancies trump the ‘doomed’ Big Firm model when it comes to developing top talent

A perspective from Simon Dennis, Director of People & Talent at Gate One. Approaching our 50th consultant hire in our third year of trading has caused me a few moments of reflection recently: Can we now codify the DNA of...


Company News
February 14, 2017


Gate One is proud to announce that we are now providing specialist digital outcome services to organisations in the public sector, through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework. Don Shields, Digital Lead at Gate One, commenting on joining the framework...
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October 21, 2016

UK Digital Experience and Amazon Growing Business Awards

Gate One have been shortlisted for the UK  Digital Experience and The Amazon Growing Business Awards. Created to recognise and reward outstanding achievement in experience across a variety of digital services sectors and disciplines, the UK Digital Experience awards showcase...
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October 7, 2016

Oshun breakfast at WeWork

Sometimes, the best ideas come to you in the strangest of places. So it was that one of the Gate One team was struck by inspiration on the Northern line, not quite a stranger to innovation but certainly not the...
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October 4, 2016

Gate One is now on the G-Cloud specialist digital services framework

Gate One is proud to announce that we are now providing specialist cloud services to organisations in the public sector, through the G-Cloud framework. “The Specialist Cloud Services agreement supports the Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of common...
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August 12, 2016

Gate One achieves Information Security Accreditation

In the age where the phrase ‘data is king’ is becoming ever more prevalent, it’s good to know that your…

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July 29, 2016

Latest Awards News

'Tis the (awards) season to be jolly!   Some big smiles at Gate One HQ as news has landed that that we've been recognised in three prestigious awards: Finalist place in the awards run by Association of Project Management (APM) in...
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May 23, 2016

Escaping the Rat Race

It is a truth universally acknowledged that consultants are a competitive bunch – we strive to push ourselves to achieve excellence in our professional lives and, naturally, that drive spills over into our physical endeavours too.   Gate One, it...
Company News
May 19, 2016

Gate One Celebrates 50th Hire in Under Three Years

Gate One reached a key milestone this week of hiring its 50th colleague – Rosie Wakeling from Accenture. Gate One, a specialist business transformation consultancy, was also this week unveiled at position #15 in the Startups100, the highest ranking professional...
Company News
May 13, 2015

Gate One announces partnership with local charity SE1 United

As a part of our ambition to make a difference, we are proud to announce that we are now supporting a local provider of education and employment programmes, SE1 United, which works with young people in the Southwark and Lambeth...