Making sense of complexity


The manufacturing sector is facing unprecedented challenges with Industry 4.0 creating complex work environments, continuously changing customer expectations and the increase in technological advancements.

Complex products and services

An already complex industry that covers wide and varying customers. Traditional B2B organisations are becoming a B2B/B2C hybrid by offering manufacturing as a service with customisable products being sent direct to the customer.

Customer expectations

Customers are placing greater emphasis on companies to create sustainable supply chains and focus on the circular economy. It has long been on the agenda, but it now needs to be incorporated into everyday operations, business practices and marketing messages.

Digital opportunities

Technological advancements have created the Digital Twin, a near-real-time replication of the physical attributes of a factory, product or process. Over time, data can be processed and aggregated but how do you contain and manage the volume of data and turn it into meaning?


Our core services offer you the unique opportunity to ensure your business model focuses on the customers that will deliver you the most value and provide you with the best opportunities for growth.

Digital transformation

There are no shortages in the available technologies or solutions to your business needs. Understand the digital opportunities available for your business and how to configure your people and organisation to take advantage of these opportunities.


Making Strategy Happen

Manage a portfolio of change and transformation from small to big programmes. Our expertise includes using scaled agile to talk across your value chains and markets and how to apply lean approaches in business operations.


Target Operating Model

Harness the full potential of your people, processes and technology. We will develop this in collaboration with you and it will be tailormade for your needs to deliver real value to your staff, customers and partners.


People Change

Develop and drive culturally-aligned, innovative change programmes that build the capabilities to meet the business challenges of tomorrow. Our team can help you to define the skills and capabilities that your people need and where you need to invest in the skills and talent to succeed.



We are privileged to be working with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative manufacturing organisations on their complex change programmes. You can read some of them here.

Leading the 5G revolution

Supporting an English county council to become a leader in 5G, resulting in a potential 2% productivity gains in factories, which will be hugely beneficial for manufacturing in the UK.

Embedding change into a FTSE 100 organisation’s DNA

Our client wanted to significantly improve their change management maturity over a period of 24 months and asked Gate One to support them on their journey.

Approach to understanding and serving customers

A FTSE 100 B2B supplier across retail, FMCG and industrial sectors had a history of strong revenue growth driven but was facing margin challenges.


Ben Tye
Ben TyeBen Tye| Partnerlinkedin icon

Ben leads our retail, consumer business and manufacturing sectors. He specialises in scaling innovation into transformation and has led both lean, agile innovation teams and large-scale programmes. He particularly focuses on the people and cultural change required to create lasting value. He has over 20 years’ consulting experience.

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Ben Tye
Stephen Ranson
Stephen RansonStephen Ranson| Principallinkedin icon

Stephen is a highly capable, experienced programme director specialising in business transformation and operating model implementation. He has delivered transformational change programmes, across a wide variety of industry sectors including retail, consumer goods, energy, mining and media. Stephen is particularly known for defining and formalising consulting methodologies, and building high-performing engaged joint client and consulting teams. He demonstrates his strong stakeholder management skills and personable, fair but firm influencing style, which is effective equally in the boardroom and on the shop floor.
Stephen Ranson
Laura Fenton
Laura FentonLaura Fenton| Managerlinkedin icon

Laura is a manager at Gate One, with a key focus on manufacturing in the digital age. Laura was nominated for the 2019 APM Young Project Professional Award for her trailblazing work in innovation at a leading global manufacturer and distributor of machine tools. Her deep understanding of social sciences enables her to successfully implement change transformation programmes and understand the importance of behaviour change when driving new initiatives. Laura has experience in piloting innovation in manufacturing and sits on the UK5G Manufacturing Working Group for the government body, Digital Catapult.

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Laura Fenton
Nila Deda
Nila DedaNila Deda| Consultantlinkedin icon

Nila is experienced in process improvement, operating model design and change management across both the public and private sectors. Her core consulting strengths lie in defining and implementing business change approaches which are responsive to workforce behaviours.

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Nila Deda
Senior Consultant

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