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Developing the right strategy, delivering the significant changes it demands, while reacting to a dynamic market and changing customers’ needs… all while running the business presents real challenges for many organisations. ‘Making strategy happen’ requires an appreciation across all these activities. Simply put, it is at the intersection of these activities where strategy happens or it doesn’t.


Battle-scarred from real delivery experience, we can support businesses to develop strategies with their delivery in mind, and deliver complex changes with the running of the business in mind. While thinking of these activities as a set of distinct, linear, budgetary driven steps is now very much outdated the speed of change driven by technology and globalisation demands a much more innovative approach for many organisations today. We pride ourselves on bringing these innovative approaches while maintaining an honest sense of pragmatism to enable our clients to successfully deliver differentiated and sustained returns.

Strategic design and definition

We help you set on the right course for success to align your investments, capabilities, plan and targets to your strategy. This enables the leadership team and wider organisation to make effective decisions and difficult trade-offs.

Portfolio management

We help you to establish the portfolio of change and the capability to manage it effectively. This enables the business can continually align its efforts, understand its constraints and make timely decisions to assure the resources and delivery efforts are optimised, and the returns are assured.

initiative delivery

Initiative leadership and delivery

We put your people at the heart of all transformations, from large complex interventions to the definition and delivery of individual initiatives. This empowers your teams to be more productive and confident during and beyond delivery.

Mergers, acquisitions and divestments

We have successfully delivered integrations and separations with an appreciation for the multi-faceted nature of such deals. Ensure your investment does not become one of the estimated 70% to 90% of deals that fail to meet their expected cost savings and synergies.


We are privileged to be working with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative organisations on their most complex change programmes. View our case studies.

Creating the vision at the heart of the education sector

Market volatility around tuition fees and student funding, and the need to deliver a greater student experience, leaves many higher education establishments facing an uncertain future.

Strategy development and operating model blueprint

Following a new leadership team and staff changes, Gate One was engaged to develop and re-focus a strategy for HealthcareUK

Global joint venture integration: sales capability organisation design

Our client was undertaking the acquisition of another major retailer. This required a programme of work to optimise both teams for success including the design of a new commercial operating model, organisation structure and way of working.
MCA award winners


“The project to refresh the corporate strategy at UCAS was built upon the principle of working shoulder to shoulder with the senior leadership. A newly galvanised organisation has delivered tangible results off the back of the strategy work and is a great example of our mission to deliver change that counts.”

James Cooper, client director and winner of the MCA strategy award 2019



Our team of experts regularly shares their insights about making strategy happen across a range of sectors. You can read some of them here.

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Brian DarbyBrian Darby| Client Directorlinkedin icon

Brian is an experienced consultant and programme director with eighteen years of consultancy and in-house operational experience both in the UK and Asia. He is passionate about helping leadership teams, be it through identifying what’s important and getting it done or driving turn-around programmes in challenging times.
Brian Darby
Client Director
Upneet AroraUpneet Arora| Managerlinkedin icon

Upneet is an experienced management consultant, specialising in strategy definition, M&A strategy, global business transformation, target operating model design, cost reduction and operational excellence. He has experience in designing and delivering on strategies across the full lifecycle of complex change programmes with the ability to influence at all levels. Upneet has excellent stakeholder management skills and thrives in complex and ambiguous environments.

30 October 2019Sustaining success requires a bold strategyFollowing multiple years of strong growth, it's important to revisit your strategy...
Upneet Arora
Tiffany Luk
Tiffany LukTiffany Luk| Principallinkedin icon

Tiffany is a driven, action-oriented professional with consulting experience spanning across business models, strategy and business transformations. She is experienced in designing and driving complex change and has had a focus on internationalisation, digital transformations and customer experience. She has worked across multiple sectors, with a strong passion for the consumer and retail sector, having worked with a range of major retailers both internationally and in the UK.

19 May 2020Retailers: act now to recalibrate for the futureWhile it may be clear on retailers' immediate response strategy to coronavirus, it seems less certain on its approach following...
Tiffany Luk
Sarah Hardy
Sarah HardySarah Hardy| Senior Consultantlinkedin icon

Sarah is a strategy and programme leadership consultant with experience designing and delivering large transformation programmes across multiple sectors. After completing her history degree, she spent two years with a large consultancy before moving to Gate One in June 2018. Sarah is studying for the CIMA certificate in business accounting that aligns to her interest in business planning and strategic decision-making. She is also training to be a coach as part of Gate One’s coaching programme and was a finalist for the 2019 MCA ‘young consultant of the year’ award.

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Sarah Hardy
Senior Consultant

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