A digital world is inevitable. Yet still, only 13% of organisations are successfully creating value from their digital investments*.

Organisations are focusing on incremental process or tech improvements rather than harnessing the full potential of digital to reimagine an attainable new world and new ways of working.

Gate One supports its clients to ditch the old-world delivery of technology. Ambitious businesses dare to dream of a whole new digital landscape and are capitalising on the vision and expertise of Gate One’s consultants to create real value and growth from digital.

The challenges of going digital

Digital is how we harness technology and data to do business and live our lives in new and totally different ways. Unless organisations better harness digital to transform their operating models, they get left behind.

In the UK alone, companies are investing billions of pounds in digital. 43% of organisations are devoting more than one-fifth of their technology budget to emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI)**.

Yet 87% of organisations fail to create meaningful value from digital.  In our experience there are three main reasons for this.


Businesses focus on incremental change rather than re-imagining an entirely new way of doing business.

A focus on digitising processes and looking at their world in a constrained way (‘how we’ve always done things’) limits the potential to realise your goals, be they cost efficiency, growth, or being more responsive to external disruptions.


Leaders become blinded by the overabundance of technology choices.

Given the absence of any proven track record in this space, businesses get scared of new decisions and end up not making any at all. Making the right decisions around your digital investments is crucial in landing value from them.


Teams concentrate on technology stacks and apps rather than transforming human interactions.

Customer and employee experience are central to performance, efficiency, conversion and advocacy, so whether you are trying to get more effective as an organisation, grow your sales or market share, or trying to be more responsive and launch products more quickly, transforming human experiences are key to this.

Digital transformations is about human experiences

Whether it is boldness in vision and leadership, investment decisions, new ways of working or simply making things happen, digital is more about people doing things in new ways and having better experiences than it is about process and technology.

Of course technology and process are key elements of digital transformation, but rooting your digital initiatives in transforming both your customer and your employee experiences is key to harnessing the real power of digital to drive value creation and growth.

Reimagining a new digital world

Regardless of why you might kick off your digital initiative, whether it’s a strategic decision due to external disruptors and you need to catch up, or your technology platform or sales/service performance are in crisis, there is no field of dreams when it comes to digital. If you build it, they might not come, and you might not realise a return on your digital investments.

In our experience there are three fundamentals to consider for successful digital transformation


At a strategic level, navigate the right digital choices.

Get a clear data driven insight into where value lies in your organisation. This will help you to dare to reimagine your customer experience journeys, employee experiences and processes and fundamentally show you how to shift your operating model.


At a portfolio level, root digital in the right places.

Have a balanced portfolio that helps you embed your initiatives in the right parts of your organisation, launch smaller scale proof of concepts and build a portfolio of innovative ideas. This helps de-risk investments by focussing on those that deliver returns.


At a programme delivery level, have the ability to execute excellently.

Have digital capabilities with core delivery expertise such as digital plus PPM and change to help you land the value from digital and help you get more agile as an organisation. Recognise the new capability and culture required to overcome change drag factors like legacy, change fatigue and poor engagement.

Making Digital Count

At Gate One, we bring insurgent thinking to support our clients to navigate their strategic digital choices. Our consultants help our clients to think more boldly when they define their digital strategy and bring pragmatism to deliver value from their digital investments.

We apply our digital expertise coupled with our core consulting services in programme management, target operating model, and change delivery.

Few in the market can offer digital expertise, core consulting skills and emotional intelligence in a single consultant. This is our delivery promise.

If you would like to know more about Gate One’s digital offering, please contact Umbar.

** PwC Digital IQ Survey UK (2016)


Umbar leads our digital team. She has 17 exciting years’ experience in digital and has delivered end to end digital transformation in a wide range of businesses and sectors, from strategy and portfolio direction to digital innovation and culture change. Umbar is passionate about digital and its power to help organisations and their customers discover new ways of doing business and living their lives.


Having worked across a broad range of FTSE100 organisations for 20 years, David specialises in complex digital, portfolio and enterprise-wide target op model transformations. He regularly coaches and challenges board level teams to lead effective change.