James Brewin digs beneath the surface of Love Island’s success to unearth how the show has captivated it’s vast audiences

The Love Island Final was on Monday night, and if you’re under 35, LinkedIn is probably your only social media feed not still talking about it.

The show has had huge ratings and commercial success, with an average of three million people tuning in every weeknight for the past two months, most of whom have been engaged in an almost constant online conversation.

I was left wondering: how has ITV managed to so successfully captivate the younger generation?

As someone who works on major digital transformation programmes as my day job, I see Love Island as much more than a great TV show. It’s a triumph of multi-channel engagement, and a powerful model for any business hoping to appeal to the modern consumer.


James is a senior consultant with extensive experience in major transformation programmes across the government, retail, health and financial services sectors. He is skilled in project and programme management, digital strategy and delivery, business case development and operating model design.