The introduction of 5G, the latest evolution in mobile network technology, will have a profound impact on the global economy and the way people live their lives. The 5G revolution will see us all benefit from faster download speeds, lower latency and greater capacity across networks.

Our client, an English County Council wanted to become a leader in 5G to drive more productive outcomes for its people and the wider county. To do this, they set up a consortium of partners dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G within the UK.


To scale innovation and support our client’s future wider 5G transformation, we followed Gate One’s innovation approach to effectively manage the Testbed rollout and evaluate its success. We drove the initial experimentation phase and helped our client truly understand how they could benefit from the 5G revolution.


Through our robust evaluation processes and subsequent evidence-backed report to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the consortium secured further government investment for the 5G initiative. Specifically, Gate One’s effort resulted in:

  • the successful rollout of the UK’s first 5G Testbed,
  • the first landmark step for the creation of smart factories in the UK,
  • potential 2% productivity gains in factories, which if extrapolated to a national level, will be hugely beneficial for manufacturing in the UK,
  • clear articulation of the direct effectiveness 5G has on productivity in a commercial setting in a report for the DCMS, and
  • an agreed vision for the consortium to support further funding processes.

Following this work, Gate One now sits as an adviser on the UK5G working group and a member of our team was recognised as a finalist in the APM Young Professional of the Year awards.

"Collaborating with Gate One has been great. Their teamwork and management skills are incredibly inspiring. Together we steered this innovative project to achieve fantastic results."

Integration Manager

Laura Fenton
Laura FentonLaura Fenton| Managerlinkedin icon

Laura is a manager at Gate One, with a key focus on manufacturing in the digital age. Laura was nominated for the 2019 APM Young Project Professional Award for her trailblazing work in innovation at a leading global manufacturer and distributor of machine tools. Her deep understanding of social sciences enables her to successfully implement change transformation programmes and understand the importance of behaviour change when driving new initiatives. Laura has experience in piloting innovation in manufacturing and sits on the UK5G Manufacturing Working Group for the government body, Digital Catapult.

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