Real Innovation requires delivery expertise

Innovation is so integral to the quest for growth and competitive advantage, yet few organisations are able to successfully deliver on new ideas and truly realise the expected benefits. So many great ideas fail, or do not reach their potential, due to poor implementation.

Our view is that to land successful innovation organisations need to focus on both the creative and executional aspects. Businesses with lots of new ideas often lack the resources and focus to implement well. And by contrast, businesses driven only by delivery processes inhibit creativity.  The truly successful organisations are those that strike the right balance between the creative and the systematic development of innovations, and crucially they are set up internally to succeed at both.

Challenging landscape for innovation

From our extensive experience of working with leading organisations, we have observed 3 main strategic challenges when it comes to innovation. Each of these themes can have a distinct impact on competitive advantage.

Innovation programmes fail mainly because the foundations of effective delivery are not in place, even if the idea is good.


•  Products not delivered to market
•  Short-term revenue impacted
•  Reduced market share
•  Loss of shareholder confidence

Even where strong delivery foundations are in place, they are not well integrated with a holistic innovation / ideation strategy.


•  Inefficient / high-cost delivery
•  Beaten to market by competitors
•  Reduced market share
•  Reduced long-term profits

Traditional behaviours and ways of working have not yet evolved and new tools & techniques have not been adopted.


•  Loss of key people / talent
•  Above average cost base
•  Company not differentiated
•  Long-term damage to brand

Our take on innovation

In response we have developed a multifaceted client proposition, outlining how we approach innovation in response to these key challenges:


We facilitate an “everyday” innovative approach throughout all of our work, both client facing and internal, through the use of modern tools / techniques.


We leverage our core offerings to help clients execute innovation initiatives.


We combine our technical, systematic skillsets with our team’s creative capabilities to shape “pure” innovation initiatives, in conjunction with our external partners where required.

GateOne innovation service set

And underpinning our proposition is our core innovation service set:


Innovation operating model diagnostics & design
Innovation culture design & implementaion
Innovation process design & delivery


Incubator design & implementation
Ideation facilitation
Open innovation events design & delivery

Benchmark your organisation and support our research!

By now you’ll have realised we’re truly intrigued by innovation. We’re continually exploring ways to keep growing and improving, and we never stop challenging the organisations we work with in the same way.

That’s why we’re conducting some cutting edge research to identify and understand the capabilities being commonly applied in the delivery of successful innovation.  By undertaking our quick survey you can see how your organisation compares to others and help codify the enablers to successes.  (Please note the survey here is a simplified version of our main innovation diagnostic toolkit).

We have distilled our client work on innovation and transformation programmes to create a unique assessment framework, and also leveraged our internal, award-winning, incubator model (where our team have the opportunity to ideate and commercialise their own ideas outside their ‘day job’).

We are a consultancy that likes to walk the talk and everything we learn in our innovation endeavours are fed back into the consultancy services we provide.