The remit of the Distribution and Online (D&O) function within our client’s organisation is to optimise the distribution and sales of holidays and ancillary products through its channels. With customers searching for and buying holidays more through digital channels, this represents a massive shift from the traditional travel agent and third party model. To meet and anticipate changing consumer preferences our client set out to re-organise its D&O function.

Following an enterprise transformation programme, D&O needed to move from a federated structure across European markets to a more integrated and collaborative model in order to generate financial and operational synergies.

An additional strategic priority was to understand further how customers are behaving online and assess the impact of digitisation in retail stores.


“I have worked with many of the largest consultancies over the years, however this consulting engagement has been different. This has been the only experience where a consultant team has genuinely rolled up their sleeves and proactively sought to lighten the workload on us. This definitely stands out as unique and has made a challenging transformation experience much easier to manage. I would have no hesitation in working with this team again on any business transformation challenge.”

UK HR Director


Gate One was asked to provide a small team to design and lead the re-organisation of the function. Our approach included:

  • Conduct SIPOC analysis to fully understand relevant end to end processes.
  • Conduct detailed design workshops across European markets to develop to-be processes and accountabilities across the D&O functions (Digital, Retail, Contact Centres & CRM), including identifying. opportunities and associated risks associated with the new D&O design
  • Detailed communications planning and stakeholder engagement to manage significant change.
  • Comprehensive transition planning to future organisation. Development and implementation of HR transition plan to co-ordinate consultation processes in Europe, along with remuneration principles and recruitment for new roles.
  • Programme planning and delivery including complex interdependency management across other organisation functions.
  • Design and implementation of new D&O governance structure to promote effective decision making and swift conflict resolution
  • Business Case development for new organisation – which was approved by the Executive Board.