Health and wellbeing lead, Charlotte Smeaton, introduces Gate One’s latest initiative

We at Gate One think it’s vital to ensure our people are healthy in both body and mind. Managing your wellbeing at both work and home can be difficult, so to support our staff, we have partnered with LiveSmart to provide a new health and wellbeing initiative.

There is an increasing awareness at work of how health and wellbeing impacts both individuals and businesses, with research showing that organisations with effective wellbeing programmes often outperform the market. It has been proven that employee health and wellness is directly linked to sustaining performance and productivity, job satisfaction and attracting and retaining staff.

Focus on your SHED

Sara Milne Rowe, a top performance coach, has developed the SHED method to help people unlock their full potential. “By encouraging your brain and energy to work in tandem, and harnessing the power of your Mind, Body and Mood, the SHED Method allows you to make better choices under pressure and in the moments that really count, so you can achieve more, learn faster and live well.” She argues that the secret to positive body energy, being more resilient and making better choices all lie within your SHED: Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet; and they all need attention!

Everyone at Gate One is given a copy of Sara’s book SHED as part of our new joiner training programme, to highlight the importance of prioritising your health and wellbeing.

An unhealthy lifestyle affects your body, cognitive ability, long-term chronic conditions and even your mood, which can, in turn, have a huge impact on your life at work. At Gate One, we think that it is vital to ensure our people are healthy in both body and mind. We wanted to take a different approach to how we support our team with their health and wellbeing whilst managing the demands of life, both in and out of work, and that is why we have co-created a new and innovative Health and Performance Programme with LiveSmart.

Preventative healthcare

Just like Gate One, LiveSmart is a young ambitious company. They have their sights set on disrupting the corporate health market and have positioned themselves apart from traditional health “screening” providers. Using science, technology, and data, LiveSmart is focused on creating the best platform for behaviour change and health improvement for long-term results. LiveSmart gives employers and employees the tools and support needed to live healthier, longer, happy lives. With the right tools, education, skills and motivation we can help our team change their behaviours, supporting them to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

So, what actually is LiveSmart’s Health and Performance Programme? It’s a plan focused on proactively helping the Gate One team to manage and improve their health and in turn, performance.

The Gate One clinic

The Programme began in a somewhat strange way, with the Gate One office turning into a mini-clinic for our health assessments – we all lined up to give our blood so that it could be tested alongside individual health surveys. LiveSmart health assessments have provided a comprehensive insight into the health of our team, highlighting health trends and elevated health risks.

Our personalised online reports were written by GPs and dieticians and it’s safe to say they were thorough! My health report showed so many measures that I hadn’t realised I should be considering, or in some case things I didn’t even know existed! We then had a one on one coaching call to develop a tailored health plan with SMART goals and as the process continues, we will receive two more coaching calls to guide us along our health improvement journey.

Not only are we able to track our own personal health journeys using the service, but LiveSmart can also track trends between our health and performance as a firm, by combining health and specific HR data, such as absenteeism.

What next for me?

LiveSmart has provided me with a level of understanding of my current health that I have never experienced before. At first, I was nervous to learn about how (un)healthy I am, but with some clear goals in place, I now feel excited to review my progress in 6 months’ time and to also see how Gate One’s health has improved as a whole.

Watch this space for a healthier Gate One team!


Charlotte is a consultant at Gate One and leads our Health and Wellbeing programme.



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