Gate One, the digital and business transformation consultancy, has trademarked the term ChAgile®, reinforcing its unique and contemporary approach to change management.

Many organisations are starting to recognise the growing need for a different type of change management, fit for a faster, more ambiguous and agile world. The ChAgile® approach offers a creative, ‘pacey’ step-change in the way organisations can be supported through change and deliver on the bottom line.

Low adoption of new tools and automation, coupled with legacy mindsets and unaltered behaviours, is creating a growing disconnect between conventional change management approaches and the reality that many organisations are facing.

Whether it’s the need to deliver change in an environment where the goalposts keep moving, the shift to agile software delivery (frequent, incremental product releases) or broader cultural shifts towards organisational agility (the ability to quickly respond and change in line with fluctuating demands) the next evolution in change management is upon us.

Caro Ruttledge, people change lead at Gate One, said: “Gate One’s mission is to deliver change that counts and that’s exactly what this unique proposition is designed to do. We adapt to the organisational context and design a more agile, people-centric, experimental way of working, with the aim of turning the tide on the age-old statistic that 70% of all change programmes fail.”


Caro has over 16 years’ experience within consulting and financial services. At Gate One’s people change lead, her professional focus is supporting organisations to design, activate and embed strategic transformation programmes, while applying creative approached to facilitate and accelerate behaviour change.