Our story

All of us at Gate One has change hard-wired into our DNA. That’s one of the reasons some of the world’s most interesting and influential organisations come to us to navigate their strategic change programmes.

As a business transformation consultancy, we love a bit of change ourselves. So we have relished the opportunity to refresh our brand to align its look and feel to our ambitions, our culture and our core principle:


Gate One is a growing team of ex-big firm specialist consultants that brings order to chaos and creates simplicity from complexity. Ultimately we are the conscious custodians of strategic change. We are more invested in our teams, our clients and our communities, now and in the future. We care about the broader impact of our work to bring an enlightened and more meaningful perspective to business transformation.

Our secret? Having world class digital acumen entwined in our tried and tested operating model (The Ripple EffectTM) delivered by a team of extraordinary individuals. The Ripple Effect creates resonance and real impact in our clients’ organisations by transferring the ownership of our intellectual rigour to whole teams, not just leaders. We create bold visions that everyone wants to be a part of.

Our manifesto gives you a flavour of what we promise. But to really appreciate our grit, candour and entrepreneurial fervour, you ought to get to know us better. So please speak to your usual Gate One representative about what ‘Change that counts’ could mean for your business or contact Tim Phillips, Managing Director.

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