Gate One is proud to announce that we are now providing specialist digital outcome services to organisations in the public sector, through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

Gate One provides Digital Outcomes and Specialists to organisations through a suite of services and roles, from User Experience Mapping and Programme Management to Agile Coaches and Delivery Managers. We help our clients through the full iterative cycle of digital transformation, and have highlighted several outcomes and roles below that we can provide.

OutcomesWe can provide a highly experienced team to help organisations delivery their most challenging digital services. This includes:

Service Delivery – Leading the delivery of complex digital transformation initiatives or new digital products, providing the oversight and hands on management to ensure the business goals and benefits are realised.

User Experience & Design – Developing enhanced user experiences and digital strategies aligned to clear business goals and KPIs, centred around real customer experiences and insights.

SpecialistsWe can provide single specialist roles to work on an organisations digital programme or project. These include:

Agile Coach – Highly experienced Agile Practitioners who can help develop your team by applying best practice methodologies honed through practical and relevant client experience. Able to boost your team’s performance and proficiency to maximise output and benefits through a mixture of discreet training initiatives and wider cultural transformations.

Programme Manager – Able to lead your most complex digital programmes, our highly-experienced staff have applied delivery expertise across the full lifecycle from programme inception through to benefits realisation. We always work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, with a common ethos: honest, sleeves rolled up, pragmatic and entrepreneurial – and not afraid to tackle the difficult topics first.