Simon Dennis, one of our founding partners and director of talent at Gate One, recently spoke to Nick Synnott for his Climb in Consulting Podcast Series. Here is the first of two short interviews where Simon shares how Gate One delivers effective change and fills the gaps that other consultancies can’t.


How does Gate One fill the gaps that other consultancies can’t?
We think our industry is still fundamentally underserved…clients who purchase consultancy are still fundamentally underserved…there is some pronominal work that happens in all sorts of sectors but the level of trust, skill, satisfaction is way short of what it could be, given the expertise and kudos of practitioners in our space.

So…really we felt and having seen what was successful previously, bringing the way we consulted with our clients was the real gap in a way that was consciously different, particularly from the big four.

How is effective change delivered by Gate One?
I guess the heart of it is a real belief and helping clients to believe that they can deliver change for themselves. Every organisation needs to have that capability as a competitive advantage now.

So..if your client believes that and that’s what you believe, and you’re there as that additive element, you know, that multiplier effect, to provide really high energy for a discrete period of time, to create that momentum or create that sea change in what that organisation is wanting to do…that is the exact opposite of what the land and expand model is which is “Lets try and overstay my welcome”, “lets try and overcomplicate things as much as possible to justify our existence”…that’s fundamentally not how we work.

To listen to Simon’s full podcast with Nick, visit the Climb in Consulting website which features in-depth interviews with leaders across the consulting industry.