Our client was launching a strategically important new global regulatory and financial reporting product, using a group of global financial institutions as design partners to support design, development and testing of the application.

The project required very tight timescales to meet regulation go live dates, whilst accurate and detailed business requirements were difficult due to the regulations being ambiguous and vague in places. The design partners each had competing requirements and each partner also had multiple business units with a different set of stakeholders whom our client needed to engage and manage.


“The Gate One team did a phenomenal job. I am not an easy marker but I am extremely pleased with both the team’s performance and the attitude they brought. We have been very successful and the team have played an integral role in the results we have achieved.”

Client CEO


We played a key role in driving the successful delivery of the product:

  • We developed clear and well-defined business requirements and a detailed delivery plan, which we used to track and drive timely delivery.
  • We created transparent governance and reporting processes both for internal stakeholders and design partners. This enabled consistency and effective communication for a project being run through three offices on two continents
  • We managed the design partners throughout the product development process, ensuring  partner requirements were incorporated in a manner that maintained a coherent product to ensure that the design partners were confident in the final application.

The result of this project was delivery of the application, on time and with the complete approval of the design partner group. Along the way the delivery hit every milestone on time. Furthermore, our client’s delivery reputation with their design partners has been enhanced – a key secondary objective of the project. As a further benefit, we also used the experience to provide our client with a reusable new product development methodology.

Our client has seen increased sales due both to being one of the first products to market, and to the effectiveness of the design partner collaboration.