A global law firm with ambitions to transform their back-office operations.

The client sought to: reduce the inconsistency and inefficiency in global service delivery, overcome legacy process and technology issues in order to compete in the increasingly disruptive legal industry and be more agile to change.


For an organisation with limited experience and capability in major programme delivery, this was a major undertaking that required a step-change to the existing ways of working as part of defining a new organisational culture.

As a business-critical initiative, we ran the programme with the support of the senior executives. Starting with the overarching vision, we developed a set of guiding principles the organisation could align itself with, and we designed the future state ‘to-be’ model with supporting implementation. We then established robust governance structures, fostered stronger working relationships with the functional heads, and divided the programme into logical phases to ensure a smooth roll-out.


Our client is currently implementing the new design. Key success stories include:

  • the initial rollout to eight European offices in parallel,
  • starting to create a new collaborative, firmwide culture,
  • better leverage of digital technologies to help the organisation respond to change and prioritise actions, and
  • a leaner, more efficient cost base that reduces annual running costs by 20%.

“Lots of grit, a willingness to challenge and plenty of aspiration. We set the bar pretty high and to achieve the goal in three months was very impressive.”

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

James Cooper
James CooperJames Cooper| Client Directorlinkedin icon

James accumulated over a decade of Big Four consulting experience in the UK and Australia prior to joining Gate One. He has driven transformative change in a range of public and private sector multinationals and now leads Gate One’s Travel & Transport sector.

A proven problem solver, James specialises in operating model design, portfolio management, customer strategy and experience, and performance improvement. James relishes building high performing teams to work side by side with clients on their most complex and high profile programmes.

James is a seasoned explorer with his countries visited tally at 40 and counting, including a 2017 visit to France where he fulfilled his lifelong dream of representing Great Britain in the (now IOC-recognised) sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

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