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The coronavirus outbreak is an unprecedented global health and economic emergency. The human impact has been profound, with the economic consequences being felt sharply across the globe. Many organisations are now facing huge challenges with very few areas of their business left unaffected. How they adapt and respond to this crisis will be critical, not only to their future survival but to how well they are positioned to take advantage of new opportunities when the recovery finally does come.

Building organisational resilience

Organisations are actioning their generic business continuity plans. To be truly effective, you need to build specific response plans to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Designing new operating models, underpinned by agile crisis response plans, will embed resilience into your organisation in this unique global trading environment.

Navigating change

The pace of change and volatile economic conditions mean organisations need to embed change and agile ways of working into the fabric of their business operations. Managing and bringing your people, customers, suppliers and partners along with you on your change journey has never been more important.

Motivating and managing remote teams

As working from home rapidly becomes the new normal, effective remote working will be essential. While separated physically, now is the time to make your employees feel more connected than ever before by creatively embracing technologies and behaviours to reassure, connect and motivate your employees.

Embracing technology

As more customers move online, enhancing online channels and the underlying technology features are essential to meet the shift in channel demand. Use this channel shift as an opportunity to accelerate your digital transformation and experiment creatively with new platforms.




Digital Transformation

We can work with you to navigate your digital decisions and leverage the technologies needed to set you up for current and future success in this complex world.


Making Strategy Happen

In this climate of ongoing uncertainty and with the pressure to do more with less, we can help you strategically optimise your resources.


Target Operating Model

We can help you design an agile and iterative operating model to respond to this fast-moving, ever-changing situation.


People Change

We can support you on the right interventions needed to help your people, customers, suppliers and partners successfully navigate this rapidly changing and turbulent environment.



Our team of experts share their insights and perspectives on what the coronavirus means for businesses.

Retailers: act now to recalibrate for the future

Applying key learnings from previous crises to position retailers to emerge from this crisis stronger

COVID-19: a roadmap to recovery and beyond

Creating a clear roadmap of key response phases and critical success factors is crucial to your path of recovery.

Closing front of house during COVID-19: what next?

How to minimise disruption and support your customers and staff while your front of house is closed.

Strategic resilience through COVID-19

While an immediate response to the coronavirus pandemic is vital, organisations should not overlook the medium and long-term position.

Maintaining your personal resilience during COVID-19 and beyond

There is a range of tools we can adapt to increase our resilience and ability to manage these unusual times.

Moving along the change curve

Through a crisis, we're likely to feel a rollercoaster of emotions that may not necessarily make sense to us.

Leading through the crisis

As we adapt to the challenge from the coronavirus crisis, the way you lead your organisation has never been more important.

COVID-19: Lessons from helping organisations with their crisis response

How to plan and manage your business response through the coronavirus crisis.


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Tim Phillips
Tim PhillipsTim Phillips| Managing Partnerlinkedin icon

As managing partner, Tim believes in taking a hands-on approach to crafting strategic transformation initiatives across large UK organisations and global businesses. His focus and passion are to enable organisations to make better decisions by asking the right questions. As the digital and physical worlds blur, now is a particularly exciting time to be helping ambitious businesses shape their actions for the future, and deliver them.

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Tim Phillips
Managing Partner