Delivering sustainable change in a transformational landscape


Large-scale trends are disrupting the consumer business industry. Digital technologies are affecting every part of the value chain and allowing traditional business-to-business companies to directly engage with customers in new and innovative ways. Furthermore, resource constraints, regulatory changes and a wave of M&A activity is forcing consumer businesses to rethink their business and operating models to ensure they have clear value and relevance to their customers.

Accelerating digital transformation

New technologies have presented consumer businesses with significant opportunities, as well as challenges. It can be difficult for companies to re-define their proposition, objectives and positioning in response to digital changes. Without a clear vision, realistic timelines, milestones and KPIs, technology cannot be leveraged effectively.

Harnessing data and analytics

There is no denying the impact and importance that proper data insights can have. The challenge is to use the right data to create actionable insights and informed business decisions. Focusing on the objectives the insights are supporting will prove far more valuable in the long term than simply analysing all available data.

Infuse the company with a purpose

Consumers are placing greater emphasis on companies having a purpose beyond product functionality. It has long been on the agenda of companies, but now needs to move beyond c-suite discussion and be incorporated into everyday operations, business practices and marketing messages.


We will work with you to create value by transforming company practices to keep up with market changes. This includes helping to build cross-functional capabilities to ensure companies are set-up for success in a world where traditional departmental boundaries and skillsets are becoming increasingly blurred. We can also help to explore new business efficiencies and revenue streams.

Digital Transformation

Uncover digital choices across all areas of your business, define your strategy and unlock process efficiency. Our digital delivery experience coupled with strategic consulting knowledge delivers meaningful and lasting change.


Making Strategy Happen

Develop enhanced strategies that are designed with delivery in mind. Balance the competing needs of the business in delivering your strategy and ensure you stay relevant to the evolving demands of the customer.


Target Operating Model

A tailored operating model can harness the full potential of your people, processes, technology and environment to build an organisation with the capabilities to truly differentiate itself.


People Change

Through our experience in different industries and cultures, we deliver rapid and embedded change. Develop and drive culturally aligned, innovative change programmes that build the capabilities to meet the business challenges of tomorrow.



We are privileged to be working with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative consumer business organisations on their complex change programmes. You can read some of them here.

Global Joint Venture Integration: Sales capability organisation design

Our client required a programme of work to support their acquisition of another global consumer health company and to optimise both teams for success.

Building a Change Centre of Excellence

A FTSE 100 consumer goods company had a challenging global transformation agenda to deliver across almost all areas of the organisation.

Enterprise data platform implementation for leading international insurer

Helping our client deliver an advanced big data platform, addressing the data complexities across insurance policies, premiums, claims, settlements and quotes


Our team of experts regularly shares their insights about the things that matter in the consumer business sector. You can read some of them here.

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Ben Tye
Ben TyeBen Tye| Partnerlinkedin icon

Ben leads our retail, consumer business and manufacturing sectors. He specialises in scaling innovation into transformation and has led both lean, agile innovation teams and large-scale programmes. He particularly focuses on the people and cultural change required to create lasting value. He has over 20 years’ consulting experience.

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Ben Tye
Louise Rey
Louise ReyLouise Rey| Managerlinkedin icon

Louise has nine years’ experience in the consumer business industry across marketing and sales, specialising in digital strategy and transformation. She has proven ability in analysing complex situations quickly to find innovative solutions. Louise’s objective is to modernise companies to help them be at the forefront of their industries, to be sustainable and deliver in their objectives in a purposeful way.
Louise Rey
Chrissie Muhl
Chrissie MuhlChrissie Muhl| Consultantlinkedin icon

Chrissie has broad industry and consulting (Big Four) experience within the consumer goods and retail industries. She is skilled in change management, process improvement, business analysis and project management. Chrissie is a dynamic, strong team player with excellent communication, presentation and relationship management skills, including first-rate stakeholder management capabilities.
Chrissie Muhl

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