Our clients Transport Function is a partnership with an industry leading Engineering Firm, operating through an integrated services contract to provide passenger transport and all facets of road services, from routine maintenance to major capital schemes.  Faced with declining performance and customer satisfaction, the new Cabinet Member for Transportation commissioned Gate One to undertake a rapid assurance / health check of the contract. The aim was to ascertain what was working well, what was not working well, and what needed to change to deliver a step-change in performance.


“Gate One made a big impact at Buckinghamshire County Council. They quickly got to grips with a complex subject matter and established trust and credibility in a highly dynamic, complex stakeholder environment. Their recommendations have led to tangible improvements in the performance of our transport portfolio and better value for money to residents. As importantly, their work has led to a positive culture shift in ways of working between the Council and its prime contractor. I have no hesitation in commending them for future assignments of this nature.”

Cabinet Member for Transportation


  • Undertook a rapid “discovery” phase to establish facts, to highlight specific areas for further investigation, and to identify quick wins.
  • Developed recommendations for improved governance, more effective strategic partnering and better delivery of value for money.
  • Developed a blueprint to create a more intelligent client function in the council, so that the relationship can be more effectively managed from the client side.
  • At the request of the Council Cabinet, we also developed options for “Plan B”, in case it does not prove possible to make the changes necessary to put the contract back on track.
  • Working with the client partnership team, we developed a longer term transformation plan for the service, covering all aspects of the relationship. This has helped not only to create a joint sense of ownership of the transformation, but has begun the process of rebuilding a sense of trust and partnership between both client parties.