This is the second podcast from Simon Dennis’ recent discussion with Nick Synnott from the Climb in Consulting Podcast Series. Simon, one of our founding partners and director of talent, shares what separates a great consultant from a good one and his perspective on how consultants can achieve mastery in our field.


How do the best consultants achieve mastery within their field?
Liberating talent from big organisations and providing them with an environment that really helps them to achieve their potential because they’re unconstrained by lots of the factors and environmental factors in those kind of organisations.

Giving them their own space to own, their own role to play, in helping to build an organisation that’s different from what they’ve seen before.

Mastery of their craft because they’re working always on the next hardest thing. “This hasn’t been done before. I’ve got to bring all of our expertise, all of different project I’ve worked on to solve this specific problem that’s unique to this client.”

That’s how you achieve mastery in our field. Not from doing the same thing over and over again.

What separates a great consultant from a good one?
If I could boil it down to one thing, I think it’s those that really put themselves truly in service of their clients every single day they are there, with no preconceptions about the value they’re going to add or are compelled to add, but really lean on their diverse experience to solve a particular problem.

To really put the client first in that regard, and do that again and again. And of course, if you do that well your personal success will follow.

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