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Our accelerator events harness innovative thinking and technologies, harmonise diverse individuals and views, and produce incredible results for you, your team and organisation. We have collectively delivered hundreds of events over 20 years from groups of 6 to 100 across the globe with clients from multiple sectors including travel, financial services, public sector and beyond.


Through creative generation exercises, external insights and group facilitation, we set an environment that fosters innovation and even design early prototypes to bring it to life where possible.


With the right environment and a range of experiential storytelling techniques, we set the platform and tone for you to thrive in your organisation's next chapter.


We create a safe space for participants to think and feel in new ways. This enables teams to reflect differently, unravel collective sticking points and reset their expectations.


Accelerator Events offer a high impact return on investment with the time and space to gain perspective and create momentum that will extend beyond the event itself.


collaborative design


Plan the experience together

make the complex simple


Build momentum and ensure everyone is aligned

Bias for action


Build momentum, traverse the ambiguity at pace

meaningful outputs


The event is the launchpad, the outputs propel you beyond

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We apply our experience of designing game-changing events with your biggest challenges as the focus of driving change.

No passengers allowed, only key decision makers who are going to shape, live and own the change.
We collaborate with you to orchestrate the right data, inspiration and techniques ahead of the event.
Our team is skilled at unpacking complex business challenges and crafting event experiences that help solve them.
A safe space is created to challenge, and guide participants forward when they face roadblocks.
The sequencing of activities builds momentum and team alignment as the day progresses.
Events are designed to ensure participants are inspired, curious and excited about the future.

“Confidence and motivation has been consistently great across the team. I now know how we, as a team, want to behave and act. I can take that back to my team with confidence to tell them what we are going to focusing on.”

COOFTSE100 Company

“It wasn’t what I was expecting; it was better. The team is a lot more aligned, we’ve articulated our vision and it’s been very successful.”

HR directorFTSE100 Company

To find out more about Gate One and our accelerator events, please contact Caro Ruttledge, people change lead, at


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Caro Ruttledge
Caro RuttledgeCaro Ruttledge| Client Director and Change Leadlinkedin icon

Caro has over 16 years’ experience within consulting and financial services. As Gate One’s people change lead, her professional focus is supporting organisations to design, activate and embed strategic transformation programmes, whilst applying creative approaches to facilitate and accelerate behaviour change. Caro is passionate about coaching, and supporting client teams to develop their skills leading and embedding change.

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29 April 2020Building a collaborative leadership team to deliver changeOur client was undertaking a major operating model transformation, which was causing friction within their senior leadership team...
4 March 2020Developing leaders to role model changeHow you can better prepare leaders as successful change ambassadors in an organisation....
4 February 2020Connecting leaders in a global online travel agencyAn Edinburgh-based online travel agency was experiencing rapid growth and expansion, causing cultural clashes and resistance to change...
2 January 2020Embedding change into a FTSE 100 organisation's DNAOur client wanted to significantly improve their change management maturity over a period of 24 months and asked Gate One...
Aeroplane at the gateAeroplane at the gate28 November 2019Aligning strategic priorities for a FTSE 100 airlineSupporting the operations department to become more collaborative as a leadership team...
Group high fiveGroup high five22 November 2019Building a Change Centre of ExcellenceA FTSE 100 consumer goods company had a challenging global transformation agenda to deliver across almost all areas of the...
27 September 2019Embedding a new operating model in a FTSE 100 organisation's DNAOvercoming historical failed attempts of change to embed a new operating model...
People at the gymPeople at the gym21 September 2019Maximising your people powerDeveloping a future-proof HR strategy for a global manufacturing firm...
8 March 2019IWD spotlight: Caro RuttledgeCaro shares why she's passionate about gender equality in the workforce....
22 February 2019Delivering sustainable growth for one of Europe’s biggest airlinesMany years of successful and rapid expansion resulted in organisational complexity...
9 January 2019Listen for the stories to shout aboutChange programmes often focus on what to say to convince people to change. Instead, pausing to listen can help them...
Caro Ruttledge
Client Director
Chris Quinn

Chris has over six years’ consulting experience and a skillset spanning hands-on digital transformation delivery, strategy design, Agile project management, change management and business analysis. With a rapid delivery style focussing on time-to-value for clients and creating innovative solutions. Chris has been recognised for his achievements by reaching the Finals of the MCA Young Consultant of the Year category (2017).

1 July 2020Contemporary change management, built for an agile worldA new change movement is emerging: ChAgile®...
Chris Quinn
Senior Consultant
Ali Burton
Ali BurtonAli Burton| Consultantlinkedin icon

Ali is a talented and capable consultant who thrives in a fast-paced environment. He is experienced in programme management office, target operating model design, design thinking, data visualisation and customer experience. Ali was recently part of a team that delivered an accelerated operating model diagnostic and future design, which included a top-level management review, service line redesign and a new regional model definition and implementation plan.
Ali Burton
Jess Tray
Jess TrayJess Tray| Consultantlinkedin icon

Jess has two years of consulting experience, working in operational improvement, project support, modelling and change management. She has experience working on multiple private and public sector client engagements, including with Central Government and FTSE 50 companies. Conscientious and hardworking, Jess endeavours to deliver lasting and meaningful change on all her client engagements.
Jess Tray

To find out more about Gate One, please contact Caro Ruttledge, people change lead, at