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Gate One is a specialist management consultancy firm. We design and deliver some of the world’s largest organisations’ most complex business and digital transformations. We’re more invested in the success of our clients than most consultancies. We care deeply about their roles in delivering value for their customers and the wider communities they serve.


Our priority is to add value beyond the initiative that we’ve been asked to design or deliver. We exist so that organisations going through major change can transform themselves. We help our clients solve big problems and navigate your digital choices.

This starts under our roof. We nurture critical thinking and entrepreneurship within our team, so we know what to do when transformations get messy.

Our experience shows us that this delivers change that counts: for our clients and their customers, for us, our industry and, ultimately, the wider world.

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We have pooled our experience from hundreds of complex transformations to develop our approach to delivering more meaningful change.

We’re different from other management consultancies because the work doesn’t revolve around us. Our role is to generate the conditions for success that will deliver the change for the business, its staff, its customers and its communities too. We call this the Ripple Effect: the whole organisation taking over and the transformation becoming unstoppable.

Such an approach requires grit, candour and humility – three of our core values. And skills that our clients consistently tell us add value to their major programmes.


Gate One consultants get the opportunity to test their creativity, leadership and grit by launching their own business. With input from our Entrepreneur in Residence and access to Gate One funding and insight, through the Gate One Incubator our team is gaining the skills and attitudes to be better consultants.



Founded in the South Bank of London, it has always been important that we, as a firm, find ways to deliver value to the people living and working around us. Coin Street Community Builders has been our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner since 2015. In 2018, we were able to extend our CSR efforts to support FareShare. Learn more about our CSR efforts using the button below.



We are an inclusive, non-hierarchical team of management consultants united by our common values.

Integrity, trust and openness are our bedrocks, however difficult the message. Challenge and speaking your mind are encouraged and we always stand up for our clients’ best interests.
We seek to innovate and come up with new ways of thinking and doing, challenging prevailing assumptions, and always minimising complexity to quickly drive results.
We aspire to excellence and relish taking on the tough challenges that have thwarted others. We seek to inspire others to do the same.
A sense of camaraderie with our colleagues and clients is essential to us and we never take ourselves too seriously.
We do not presume to know our clients’ business better than they do. We apply our expertise and solutions once we listen and understand.
We each take accountability for results: leading, digging deep and staying the course to see things through to a successful conclusion.

“The Gate One team’s work has probably saved me two years of my life.”
Jamie Hutchinson, Customer Director, Peaks & Plains


Our board of directors are seasoned consultants. They have extensive experience in big firms and in industry, where they have held a variety of senior leadership roles. They are responsible for the overall performance and management of the business.

Tim Phillips
Tim PhillipsTim Phillips| Managing Partnerlinkedin icon

As managing partner Tim, believes in taking a hands-on approach to crafting strategic transformation initiatives across large UK organisations and global businesses. His focus and passion are to enable organisations to make better decisions by asking the right questions. As the digital and physical worlds blur, now is a particularly exciting time to be helping ambitious businesses shape their actions for the future, and deliver them. Internally, Tim believes that a consulting firm is all about its people and is dedicated to assembling the best possible team of business transformation consultants.

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Tim Phillips
Managing Partner
Simon DennisSimon Dennis| Partnerlinkedin icon

Simon leads the delivery to a broad range of clients, typically focusing on Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations. He is responsible for talent management and is passionate about creating the most enriching, challenging career journeys for our people – based on a core employee value proposition of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Dedicated to providing an open, ambitious, inclusive and thought-provoking work environment that allows our people to do their best work for our clients, continually learning and developing to maximise their own potential. Simon leads our internal coaching programme.

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Simon Dennis
David Holliday
David HollidayDavid Holliday| Partnerlinkedin icon

David leads the development of our consulting services, new market offerings, partner programme and knowledge management, working closely with our Digital, Target Operating Model and People Change Leads. He believes there is no better time to be in consulting, given the rapid innovation and new digital and data opportunities that sit at the heart of many business transformations. David also leads the delivery across a diverse range of our clients in the Travel, Technology, Property and Public Services Sectors.

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David Holliday
Alex McEvoy
Alex McEvoyAlex McEvoy| Partnerlinkedin icon

Alex leads our financial services sector working principally in Financial Services and the public sector. He has extensive experience of hands-on delivery of high profile, complex global transformation programmes, governance of £multi- billion change portfolios and building organisation’s capability to deliver change themselves. Alex is proud of Gate One’s entrepreneurial spirit and camaraderie. He enjoys developing innovative solutions for transformation challenges and like nothing more than toasting the shared hard yards of a job well done with clients and colleagues.

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Alex McEvoy
Mark Warren
Mark WarrenMark Warren| Finance & Operations Directorlinkedin icon

Mark is the Financial and Operational lead of Gate One. He manages business planning, financial and performance reporting and controls, pricing, IT and quality, recruitment and HR, resourcing, and brand and marketing. He also heads up the Incubator scheme and leads development on Gate One’s cost optimisation, portfolio management and Board reporting propositions.
Mark Warren
Finance & Operations Director
Sophia HughesSophia Hughes| Non-Executive Board Advisorlinkedin icon

Sophia brings a wealth of strategy and commercial experience to Gate One having previously worked as a finance director for PepsiCo and also as a consultant for McKinsey. Her financial and commercial focus brings external and independent challenge to the Gate One board.
Sophia Hughes
Board Advisor


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