Launched with the purpose of co-piloting the reinvention of some of the world’s most interesting and influential organisations, we’re a collective of ex-big firm consultants, unified by a simple ideal – more meaningful business transformation, delivered as consulting should be.


With experience drawn from many successful (and unsuccessful!) change initiatives, we believe that programme ‘gates’ or checkpoints (however formal or not) are an invaluable discipline on any major transformation effort. In the evolution of any significant change aspiration there is one such gate – ‘Gate One’ – when a bright idea is first made ‘real’. A compelling vision becomes an executable reality; a ‘concept’ becomes a ‘programme’.


Our ‘Ripple’ icon graphically brings to life the force multiplying ripple effect which we believe is at the heart of every successful business transformation. It speaks to the journey, in partnership with our clients, to deliver change that counts. It encapsulates our DNA, which is a blend; a combination of founders’ mentality, tempered with humility and a brilliant team spirit – which means we genuinely relish taking complex situations apart, and designing something better. The colours reflect the care, passion, loyalty, humanity, empathy, warmth, approachability and dynamism we hold true to our core.


We are an inclusive, non-hierarchical team of management consultants united by our common values.

Integrity, trust and openness are our bedrocks, however difficult the message. Challenge and speaking your mind are encouraged and we always stand up for our clients’ best interests.
We seek to innovate and come up with new ways of thinking and doing, challenging prevailing assumptions, and always minimising complexity to quickly drive results.
We aspire to excellence and relish taking on the tough challenges that have thwarted others. We seek to inspire others to do the same.
A sense of camaraderie with our colleagues and clients is essential to us and we never take ourselves too seriously.
We do not presume to know our clients’ business better than they do. We apply our expertise and solutions once we listen and understand.
We each take accountability for results: leading, digging deep and staying the course to see things through to a successful conclusion.


As a long-standing and committed member of the London South Bank community, it has always been important that we, as a firm, find ways to deliver value to the people living and working around us. We are therefore proud to work with Coin Street Community Builders as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner.

Coin Street is a social enterprise operating various programmes within SE1 in London. The positive impact they are having on young people across the area in which we work is significant and making a real difference to their futures.

We host fundraising events, mentor young entrepreneurs and run skills workshops. Our activities help Coin Street continue to deliver life-changing programmes in south-east London. You can find out more on our LinkedIn page.

Both Gate One and Coin Street share a strong entrepreneurial spirit which helps us work effectively together to support our community. Our consultants also benefit from their experiences. Finding the right CSR partner was important to us to ensure we leave a lasting effect – you can find out more about our approach in our article.

For more information about our CSR activity, please contact Selina Hundal, Senior Consultant.

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