We founded Gate One because of a shared philosophy and a collective ambition: to create a different kind of consulting firm, one that is focused entirely on transforming its clients’ businesses for the better.

All of our team have worked in large global and small boutique consultancies alike, so we are confident in our differentiated approach. Our founding team know each other well: friends and colleagues who have both delivered complex programmes and built successful businesses together. We share a common belief in ‘excellence’ in the consulting services we offer and in the type of organisation we want to build. We set and expect the highest standards of each other.

Principal among our shared values is a passion for improving our clients’ businesses. This stems from our experience of successful design and implementation of some of the UK’s most complex projects and programmes. While we do not presume to tell our clients how to run their businesses, we are experts in helping change their businesses through innovative, pragmatic definition and delivery of their transformations.

We believe that delivering meaningful change and measurable results for our clients starts with a genuine ‘client first’ focus that cannot be found in traditional management consultancies. That’s why we started our own: Gate One.


We believe real transformation is all about execution. However well-conceived a vision or strategy, it is meaningless without the expertise to ‘make it happen’: the capability to design, deliver and sustain truly successful organisational change.

With experience drawn from many successful (and unsuccessful!) change initiatives, we believe that programme ‘gates’ or checkpoints (however formal or not) are an invaluable discipline on any major transformation effort. In the evolution of any significant change aspiration there is one such gate – ‘Gate One’ – when a bright idea is first made ‘real’. A compelling vision becomes an executable reality; a ‘concept’ becomes a ‘programme’.

While programme design is just one of our specialisms, it is this ethos that neatly encapsulates how we seek to help our clients over the whole lifetime of their transformation effort: we provide focused and driven execution to translate their vision into a reality.