Managing Change in a World of Iterative Transformation

Have your cake and eat it.

The Ripple Effect is an intangible but irresistible force. It may be hard to describe, but you know when you have felt it.

We know this because our clients tell us. It is they who describe Gate One as the ‘invisible element’ at the heart of the successful changes that transform their organisations for the better: making them more competitive and profitable but also more capable of sustaining change for themselves, with a greatly reduced need for ongoing external support.

In other words: when we leave, the Ripple continues, and in the world of iterative transformation, there is no greater competitive advantage.


The best news of all is that our clients achieve their objective less painfully and more cost effectively than through conventional client-consultant engagement.

While all of our consultants have major programme delivery experience with top tier consultancy firms, our very different working culture is the product of a very different consulting environment, without the premium price of a global brand. Our approach also lends itself to better cost control for our clients, since we advocate programmatic financial planning based on controlled tranches of iterative delivery. We are even happy to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and offer risk-reward pricing models that tie our success to yours.

So whether you are seeking a delivery/advisory partner to work alongside you for the duration of your transformation journey, or a tailored intervention en route, Gate One has the expertise to help you make your organisation better.

Are you ready for the Ripple Effect?

Gate One

About Gate One

Gate One is a Business Transformation consultancy that specialises in the design and delivery of complex business change - Digital Transformation being a key focus area. We have a simple cause: to make your organisation better. We work in small teams embedded seamlessly alongside your own people. We have the knowledge, experience and approach to get to the crux of problems quickly, shape intelligent solutions and deliver tangible, lasting results which can be felt quickly across your organisation. To find out more please contact us.

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